The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Gets Busted On Video – Her ‘Ghetto Accent’ Is Totally Fake (Check Out How She Really Talks)

Well, you know her best from acting pretty tough on Dr. Phil — calling the audience names and getting an awkward applause for being nasty. If you found out her accent was fake, would you be surprised with a front like that?

Since mouthing out to her mom on TV for the world to see, her “Cash Me Outside” coin was plastered to ALL THE MEMES. If you watched that clip, did you think she was funny? Or did you find the situation sad?

We’ll give you some side by side comparison videos and you’ll see there’s not always the tough girl “hood” accent coming out with all her other charming expressions.

Have you ever changed the way you speak, maybe even unconsciously, for dramatic effect? Or out of nerves? Click Next to hear Danielle Bregoli real accent for yourself!

Bregoli became an internet star overnight over this a pissy outburst on Dr. Phil – at 14, don’t you suppose some acting was involved? Click Next to remember how she entered internet stardom!

So, this is how you met her – tossing around her insults with an odd, self-congratulatory swagger. Doesn’t it sound just a bit like she might have cotton in her mouth?

Which, of course, could be nerves! Acting out to your parents and to a live audience had to be accompanied by some affectation of wondering how she would be received and wanting to pretend like she didn’t care.

Bregoli grew up in Florida and got into a bit of trouble more than once… which, you know, would justify her appearance on the Dr. Phil Show. Since her words went viral, she gained 11 million followers on her IG account.

She has chosen a few different names for her social media handle to include Slim Bhabie and Slim Thugga. Just this year, she released a song “These Heaux” and goes by the name Bhad Bhabie.

She’s rubbed some pretty famous shoulders since her offer to take it outside with her mom on television… Do you think this status on being a girl from the hood is what makes the possibility of her faking her accent so obnoxious?

We have the video of Danielle speaking on the next page and… well… you just don’t hear the same little girl thug accent, just the words. Do you think this will have any impact on her following?

How do you think her fame comes across to people whose speech patterns are a result of life and environment – not just acting touch in public. Do you think this is insulting to people who naturally speak this way?

Does she remind you a bit of Honey Boo Boo? Certainly, she’s older, but, her fame derives from cajoling laughs by saying pretty ridiculous things to a camera…

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The “Cash Me Outside” Girl Gets Busted On Video – Her ‘Ghetto Accent’ Is Totally Fake (Check Out How She Really Talks)

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