13 Texts That Can Turn On Because They’re Hotter Than Sexts!!!!

Do you want to make your girl feel validated without sounding lustful? Then these are the perfect texts you can send her which are hotter than sexts. Try them.

1. Bae, you get me so excited when you say these witty things!
It makes me feel wanted and loved. I feel like there is something in this world who thinks I’m the only one for him.

2. I have ordered pizza with extra cheese for you, come quick!

Nothing can compete pizza with extra cheese. And texts which are hotter like these really turn girls on!

3. I can still smell you on my clothes!

Awwnn.. Can sexts be hotter than texts like these? Hell no!

4. My friends just never stop talking about you!

It’s cute to know that all you talk about to your friends is me. It’s a validating feeling.

5. I just woke up and I feel to kiss you hard and long.

Mostly guys wake up horny and that is the time they send texts like these which are hotter than sexts. Such texts really make girls’ day.

6. Guess what we are doing in bed tonight?

These little sneak peaks of the night are real mood changers. Sexts can beat such sexy texts.

7. I don’t know I survived so many years without feeling your lips on mine.

Baby love. Now you don’t have to resist. I am all yours for the rest of the life.

8. I can’t believe I get to touch you tonight.

That’s a real gentleman. Guys know how to make their girl feel special and validated.

9. I think I hit a jackpot the day I met you

Same babe. Now life is unimaginable without you. You’re the only one for me.

10. I just want to feel your body next to mine!

There can nothing be as hotter as texts like these. It gives girls the impression of love rather than lust.

11. I was at the local store so I got you a big bar of chocolate

CHOCOLATE!!! I would love to share it with you if you give me a taste of your sweet lips.

12. Call me, I need to hear your voice!

So much importance is over-whelming sometimes. Texts like these are freaking love.

13. Can you tell how bad I want you?


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13 Texts That Can Turn On Because They’re Hotter Than Sexts!!!!

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