The Main Reasons Why Older Men Go for Younger Women

It’s all about the trophy around your arm.
It doesn’t take an anthropologist to figure out why Hugh Hefner surrounded himself with young, buxom bunnies. For millennia, men have wanted to date, court, and/or marry younger women. Even today there are still plenty of couples with a huge age gap between them.

When most of us see a 50-year-old man walking down the street arm in arm with a 22-year-old woman, we might make the assumption that he’s a sugar daddy. We make the judgement that he’s established and wealthy and she’s a sexy ingenue that’s used more for eye candy than discussing the ideas of Immanuel Kant. But is that always the case with a relationship between an older man and younger woman?

It’s all about the trophy around your arm.
EnergyYounger women tend to be more healthy. Those co-eds fresh out of college can party all night with minimal sleep. Of course, this translates to bedroom antics as well: Being fit and flexible means that a woman in her 20s is physically able to do things that women who are a few decades older cannot in regards to sex.

Mid-Life Crisis
Many baby boomer men have worked non-stop their entire life, straight from the moment they were out of college or high school, so a lot of them didn’t get those years of casual sex and short-term flings. The culture was also stricter back then as well.

Snagging a young sexpot helps many older men validate their life, enjoy something on their own (without the family), and break up the monotony and predictability of their lives.img src=”” alt=”” width=”646″ height=”432″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-56826″ />

Sexually Comfortable
Overall, millennial women are more sexually adventurous than previous generations, or at least they can be more open about it. The internet can teach these women things like “How to Give the Best Blowjobs” or “Advanced Anal Techniques.” Sex wasn’t talked about enough in back in the day, even with “free love.”

Not to mention the many self improvement and body positivity movements we can see on social media, as well as bigger and curvier bodies being accepted as normal and healthy. This combination of self awareness and sexual maturity is a win-win for older men looking for younger partners that might be IG models in their free time.

It’s all about the trophy around your arm.
FitterAging women are considered to be “gross” to many societies in the West, and they can often be shunned to the point of marginalization.

Some men, no matter how they live, don’t learn: Those that don’t care about inner beauty, personality, humor, or grace will seldom find happiness. But these older gents are thinking with their other head, and it’s hard for a lot of men to ignore smooth skin, shiny hair, and perky breasts. These women aren’t dumb, though: They know to sit, smile, and nod through a $400 dinner.

Short Lived
For the guys looking for all the fun and none of the commitment, younger women are easy to date and ditch. If the old trope rings true, then the man simply has the money that the young lady wants. If she starts “acting up” – you know, thinking for herself – out the penthouse she goes, and without the doorman to help her up.

No Work
Wealthy older men who exclusively date young women probably don’t feel the need to be emotionally available. They just meet up a few times a week to “have fun” or go on luxurious vacations together. Rarely do these guys care about their plaything’s parents or personal life; instead they become conceitedly utilitarian. And as we just saw, this makes the women easier to kick to the curb when the man feels their time is done.

Having a drop-dead gorgeous woman on his arm at social functions must make him feel like a billion bucks. It also boosts his ego when the young woman fawns and fusses over him, constantly making sure he’s content.

High-powered men love competition, and having a head-turning, modelesque woman on his arm will one-up a lot of his peers. Boys and their trophies.


It all boils down to this:
Old rich guy who has lots of money + Young hot woman who wants lots money = Temporary subservient arrangement.

As with any relationship, as long as it’s consensual and any expectations or various stipulations were agreed upon before starting the fling, then is there an issue with older men continuing to do this?

I think as long as he’s not married, or if the wife gives approval, then we’re all gravy. If the young woman knows the situation she’s getting into, why shouldn’t she “date” a man for his money and power? They are both using each other and acknowledging it.

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The Main Reasons Why Older Men Go for Younger Women

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