13 Non-Sexual Things That Men Find Extremely Attractive About Women 
Sexy aren't just looks...

Looking sexy or attractive is not just about clothes or makeup, it's more about what kinda person you are and how you be between people. When a boy first looks at a girl, there are so many features that catch the eye rather than just the short dress or red lipstick. So ladies, stop worrying about the extra muffin you had, or the less exercise you do because if people are appreciating you for these things, it's sad because they will regret it.

By the same token, here we are with some of the features of women which are though non-sexual, but are really very appealing to every man.

NOTE: To all the men, if you just find your girl sexy because she looks hot, it's time that you should think again. And ladies, if your man doesn't believe you are sexy because of these reasons, it's time to drop out.

1. When she looks at you

1. When she looks at you https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/izdyt4z87o3r2azmi1fk.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

People look to judge, that's why we all look. But she doesn't really judge, it's just that when she looks at you, she simply looks because she admires him and that's when her man finds her sexy.

2. Her confidence

2. Her confidence https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/tnnsowg3rfsfcj0q87nq.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

A woman who is confident is a real hot chick for men. When she has no fear of people, works with all her passion because she deserves to be that. When you look at her, you can say, that yeah, she is meant to be self-sufficient.

3. The way she loves

3. The way she loves https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/oez1jsvmflxgwz4vp5wy.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

It's sexy for a man when his lady doesn't just choose him because of his looks, but she loves him because she knows him. She knows what kind of person this man is, she sees through him.

4. The way she lives

4. The way she lives https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/g0dt2ry3tzv9jpgf7ew7.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

A woman who lives with passion is definition to hot for men. A woman who loves staying happy, staying positive, treats people humbly and lives her life to the fullest.

5. The way she smiles

5. The way she smiles https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/bconc9ejnztt8vdk1xzs.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

There is nothing sexier for a man than a happy woman. When she smiles, everything feels lighten up and she looks even more beautiful.

6. The way she walks

6. The way she walks https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/nasvln3ip4j45xcvrydn.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

By her walk, I don't mean how her hips align, I mean just the way she walks through the room and you can't do anything than just noticing her is when men find the lady sexy. She walks with a grace, that makes people feel her presence without even looking at her.

7. When she is always there to help

7. When she is always there to help https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/e48yj45dxhoca1yxsij2.png?tr=q-40.jpg

A lady who is always there for her closed ones whenever they need her is appealing to men. She helps everyone without excuses. A caring woman is sexier than every other regular woman.

8. When she wants you to be a better person

8. When she wants you to be a better person https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/6fi7ec2ge1hwm06bv0t0.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

She doesn't want to change you, but it's her love that makes you want to change. That's when a man gets attracted to the woman and realize how sexy she is. When she makes you be a better person for yourself but you do it for her passion.

9. The way she holds him tightly

9. The way she holds him tightly https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/ih27c4b3ntfvfb01vffk.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

When after a hectic day, she comes and holds her man, that feeling of comfort no one else can give, is when she is called sexy.

10. The way she listens

10. The way she listens https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/e6hbg9zuz6kz0jdqs90x.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

People listen to reply. But when she listens, she just listens to understand. She doesn't wait for her chance to speak like others do, but just give you enough time to speak and share whatever you feel like saying. This kinda ladies are sexy for men.

11. When she works with all her passion

11. When she works with all her passion https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/qlolf383nyopm6x0wvlh.png?tr=q-40.jpg

When a woman works with her passion, men find it sexy. She puts all her efforts to prepare and present her work and sometimes even though when her hard work doesn't pay off, she still works with all determination. 

12. When she talks

12. When she talks https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/jigcek4jhvhy35l7vdx9.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

When she talks, it's not just about gossips, but she shares her experiences, the excitement and most importantly, her life. It is sexy when she narrates a story with all her rage and drama.

13. Her sense of humor

13. Her sense of humor https://cdn2.wittyfeed.com/57256/800x0/6doflyacz781twp5ci9x.jpeg?tr=q-40.jpg

By her sense of humor, I don't mean her being the funniest. But yeah, when she tells it and makes her guy laugh, it gets a bit sexy.

This proves that a woman is not just sexy because she looks good, but she is sexy because she is good. If you have some more non-sexual reasons why you find your lady beautiful, let us know in the comments section.



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