20 People Who Learned About Karma the Hard Way &raquo22 Tapoos
You always need to watch out for karma.

20 People Who Learned About Karma the Hard Way » Tapoos

Every good deed might not be rewarded for, but any bad one could always strike back. Even if the victim forgives you, you always need to watch out for karma. Remember karma is always watching, and you never know when it might strike.


The interviewee might be highly qualified for the job, but a small mistake like this might just leave him unemployed.


The person sure deserved it. I can’t believe that people will cause trouble for others so that they can solve their problems


The lines in a parking are made to prevent traffic jams, and so everyone can come and go without the hassle, of finding their way out. I wonder how much time he saved while parking outside the lines. No matter how expensive your car, you don’t get to break the rules.


It is simply bad luck for the guy, who would have known that the person on the chair would have the last laugh.


I just don’t understand what the person did wrong, to get outwitted by his cat.


Dogs are living things, and they deserve freedom as much as you. Locking your dog in the car, what did you expect him to do when nature called?


Stealing is never the best thing to do, when you steal someone’s food, at least make sure it doesn’t taste weird, if you want a taste, ask the owner, don’t just take it without permission.


When you make bunny ears, make sure the lighting in the room is correct, so you don’t end up getting one yourself.


Come on people; there are other parking spots, don’t park in front of the garbage cans. You are not just making it difficult for the sanitation workers to collect the trash, but you are also making it hard for the people to dispose of. It’s lucky that no one threw their trash on the car instead of the dumpster.


First off stealing is a nasty habit. Secondly, if you do decide to steal, at least steal something of worth, that would be beneficial for you, don’t just do it to rip the other guy off.


When there are caution signs present, you are expected to obey them; they are there for your safety. If the guy had waited, he might still be enjoying his luxurious ride


Even after getting destroyed, the sign board still does its job.


If the sign says No parking, you do not park there, the bird might have taught you a lesson, but next time you might get a ticket for the offense


No matter how much you emphasize on it, people just don’t seem to get the negatives of stealing. This guy got what he deserved, he should also be arrested for his crime, so it does not happen to anyone else.


If you accidentally bump into another car, stop and explain your mistake, if you run away, you don’t only damage the other person, but you also end up damaging your vehicle.


It often happens that we go into a coffee shop, buy our favorite coffee, pull out our laptop and just browse the web as we relax. At this point, there is always a group that makes so much noise that we end up leaving the shop frustrated. These were the same people, and I am glad someone found a way to make them leave the store


If you have a loving wife, don’t go on cheating on her. The wife, in this case, did nothing wrong as the man had it coming.


Even if the last parking spot available is in front of the hydrant, you still do not have the right to park in front of it. You never know when a fire might occur and you don’t want to be responsible for the causalities of the fire.


Although the trolley might not be very hard to move, the culprit still got his lesson, he should also have been booked, and maybe he was, but please don’t be selfish think of others as well.


When you have been privileged enough to get your car at a young age, please try to respect it. First of all the guy should not be drinking at all as he is too young. Secondly, he chooses to drive after breaking the law once already.



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