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manipulation isn’t bad, provided your intentions are good.

These Body Language Tricks Will Make People Instantly Like You

Every day we communicate with people, without ever saying a word. We send them signals we never knew we were sending. We communicate with how we look and how we shake hands and how we sit. All of these subconscious signals are grouped into the term ‘body language’ and it’s required that we pay attention to it. Taking care of these subtle hints we send to others can go a long way in making others like us better and help us avoid any misunderstanding when we communicate with others.

Using body language to give a certain impression of yourself is sometimes considered to be manipulation. But it’s not. At least not the negative manipulation we know so well off. Manipulation isn’t bad, it’s perfectly okay to manipulate people. Provided your intentions are correct. If you’re working towards a peaceful solution then you can use manipulation to your advantage.

Here are 2 examples to show that.

It’s the people who are bad, it’s the people who manipulate and cause problems for others.

Consider this:

The mean girl in the class wants others to dislike the sweet girl in the class. She tells stories about the sweet girl to other people. Other people start disliking her. She feels horrible.

A clear example of manipulation used for the wrong reasons.

A clear example of manipulation used for the wrong reasons.

Consider this:

Party person is good at manipulation. He bumps into another person, but simply apologizes, knowing that the other person was wrong. Party person is smart. He knows arguing won’t help, so he lies and manipulates the other person. In order to calm them down and avoid conflict.

So the problem isn’t manipulation, it’s the bad intentions that are the problem. Just try and have good intentions, and use these body language tricks for good.

We all have naturally judgmental minds. Our minds instantly place people into boxes of “threat” and “no threat”. So in order to gain a better social standing, you need to pay particular attention to this instinct of the brain. Thinking about the list below will show how you can influence the other person into liking you without saying a word

If you want to seem confident, you need to believe you’re confident.

Try and get rid of things that make you uncomfortable and nervous. Such things are constant reminders in your life of how you’re not the best. Sure, being humble is great, but having no self-esteem leads to you being under confident and that never helped anybody.

Don’t burn all your bridges before you’ve even had a chance to cross them. Liking and thinking good about people is similar. You need to stop hating people before you even know them. But yes, never be a friend when you’re proved wrong. If somebody doesn’t want you in their good books, it’s time you part ways with them.

You have nothing to lose if you treat people with respect. But that doesn’t mean you should go head over heels in paying your respects. Just don’t be disrespectful and keep doing your thing.

It’s not good hating people before you even know them. Don’t burden yourself by carrying on the weight of hate. Just never judge a book by it’s cover. But once you’ve read a few pages, throw the book away if it’s not something you like.

Always focus on what you can give, instead of what you can get. Helping people goes a long way, and usually ends up in a win-win situation.

But only give advice when the other person asks for it or really needs it. Trying to help and give advice when it’s not needed is always counter productive.

You are constantly communicating to the people you meet. Even when you’re silent. Posture is a major part of body language and it directly affects the first image people get about you.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and make yourself stand as tall as you can easily. After standing tall, let your shoulders, neck and head relaxed. Angle your head so you’re looking the person in the eye.

Some tips:

Try to keep your body as relaxed as possible, without changing your posture.

Never puff your chest, it signifies arrogance.

Keep your shoulders slightly pulled back

Whenever you’re sitting, make it a point to keep your back straight. It is a power posture that is guaranteed to make you feel more authoritative. Just don’t be too rigid while sitting, relax as much as you can, while keeping the back straight.

Never keep you abs, back and chest floppy. Keep some tension in these parts of the body, while standing or sitting. This helps you maintain your posture and allows you to move with grace and poise.

It’s a general perception that keeping your feet close together shows insecurity while keeping them at appropriate distance apart show confidence. Make sure you stand with your feet hip width apart.

Just don’t go overboard with keeping your feet too far away, you’re not exercising!

Whenever you enter a room, you are subject to the judgement of the people already in the room. Make sure they don’t get a bad first impression.

Whenever you enter a room, smile. Just don’t overdo it. Don’t laugh out too loud, or make a smug face, just a smooth little casual smile, the type when you see the sun after a lot of rainy days.

Don’t draw too much attention to yourself when you’re greeting people. Just a subtle wave of the hand or a nod will help. Or a simple “Hey!” But nothing that makes too many faces turn.

Make sure you acknowledge everybody in the room. Keep eye contact, even if for a few seconds, but hold your gaze.

This shows you’re confident and welcoming towards everybody.

We are all programmed to like those who acknowledge our presence. Whenever you enter into a room, acknowledge all the people you know and wave to them. Also, wave to some imaginary friends as well. People you don’t really know. And also at walls. Wave to some non-existent person behind someone.

This will show you know people, which shows you’re a friendly person. Just make sure confident about it.

The handshake is the first, and usually the only, body contact you make with a person. It’s extremely necessary to pay utmost attention to it.

Men are usually very particular about how another man shaker their hand. A weak handshake instantly takes away some likability points off your board.Make sure your handshake is a firm handshake. Use appropriate pressure. Not too much, not too less.

Looking away from someone gives these negative hints about you:

You’re hiding something/ you’re not entirely honest.

You don’t respect the other person enough.

Try looking into people’s eyes long enough to memorize their eye color. Don’t stare though. Just observe casually.

Whenever you look at someone, smile. It’s as simple as that. Just smile.

Where you position yourself plays a great part in how you’re perceived. Positioning is equally important to posture

Whenever talking to someone, stand with an open body position. Slightly tilted towards them at an angle. This shows you’re approachable and the other person will instantly like you. Don’t fold your arms on your chest.

Face the person you’re talking you. Standing in an angle away from the person shows you’re insecure or suspicious.

Try to not lean against an object, a wall or desk. It shows you’re passive. Totally not like-able in people. Try standing up straight with good posture. Try and maintain a ‘neutral stance’.

But if you really have to lean, don’t slouch.

Your face is the first thing someone notices about you. So it’s extremely important to monitor your facial expressions when meeting with new people, or old ones for that matter. You need to utilize your face for giving the other person information about you.

Nobody likes to talk to a person who looks annoyed all the time. Ever heard of the ‘resting bitch face’? Yes, avoid that at all costs.

Try smiling, or just content and satisfied if you can’t smile.

This one is pretty simple again, when you make eye contact, just don’t break it immediately!

And make sure you smile while making eye contact. Looking without any expression is really creepy!

This is simple again. Just look at everyone like you’re looking at something you really like.

Smiling isn’t about a certain expression you need to learn, it’s just about feeling happy at looking at someone.

These techniques are some ways you can employ other than the above mentioned tips and tricks.

These techniques are some ways you can employ other than the above mentioned tips and tricks.

Always try and mirror the actions and posture of the person you’re with.

If they have their arms crossed, cross your arms.

If they’re leaning, you lean too.

If they’re holding their glasses up, you hold your glass too.

Just don’t be obvious about it.

Mirror the movements of the person you’re interacting with. Just don’t be obvious about it.

They pick up their coffee, you do the same. They smile, you smile back. They step closer to you, you do the same.

Don’t be obvious about it so you don’t look like a creep.



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